1. Anonymous said: Apparently, I'm super privileged, even though I'm not straight, not cis, not in the best medical health AND don't make a big enough income to cover most medical fees, which makes it really hard to find a better job, but hey! I'm more privileged than this 14 year old who's mommy buys them $200 worth of anime merchandise a month and has enough free time to spend nearly 7 hours online a day!! Yep mm feel my I've-had-PB&J-sandwiches-the-past-four-days-because-I-can't-buy-groceries-yet privilege.

    Economic privilege, class privilege, education privilege — the ones all these assiduous privilege-checkers never bother talking about.


  2. alkthash:


    By far the stupidest criticism of the new Thor is ‘no where in Norse mythology is Thor a woman, stop messing with mythology.’

    Right, because Norse mythology is just fucking filled with stories about Thor hanging out with Iron Man and Captain America at the…

    Loki was apparently quite the charming mare, too. Though the foal that resulted was a bit odd. And also a death metaphor.


  3. When I was a young child, I absolutely hated getting new shoes or new clothes.  I would pitch screaming tantrums about it.  Things were always uncomfortable when they were new and I hated hated hated it.  

    I’m a little better now, but I think a lot of that’s that I get to choose what I can stand, now, and there’s more variety, and I’m somewhat accustomed to that annoyance.

    But I’m still that flailing upset child sometimes.


  4. incorrectusage:

    I don’t even know what the tucute platform is. It seems to be like the MRA platform- get nothing constructive done and blame (other group, usually ones who are actually doing activism work) for our problems while simultaneously wishing them dead/raped/etc, and telling them…

    It’s not just that, though. They order people like this:

    1. DMAB trans people
    2. DFAB trans people who do not identify as men
    3. Cis women. Cis, so scum, but being female compensates
    4. Cis men. They choose not to be trans and thus are oppressive scum by choice
    5. DFAB trans men. The worst of the worst because they chose to become men and should not have.

    It’s this delightful combination of interlocking bigotries. It’s transwoman-supremacy.


  5. the-pournival:



    Either way I seem to be low on the tucute radar.

    Well, being a cis girl protects me from a lot of the transphobia of the tucutes, and being a girl means I’m not an evil man.

    So, y’know. That’s kind of nice.

    Which also shows what bigots they are.

    what is a tucute

    Term coined by Tumblr user idislikecispeople for her and her type. They align themselves in opposition to those dubbed “truscum”.

    As far as I can work out, their opinions are:

    Hatred of cis people (but mostly men).

    Transgender is purely about choice, not physical gender dysphoria.

    Being gendered male is disgusting and oppressive.

    Because they could choose to be trans and refuse to, cis men choose to be evil oppressors.

    Trans men are even worse because being men was an active choice to change.

    Her Tumblr is a never-ending stream of stupid. At first I thought troll, but now I believe she’s serious, though I think addicted to the attention she gets for saying ridiculous things.


  6. incorrectusage:

    Either way I seem to be low on the tucute radar.

    Well, being a cis girl protects me from a lot of the transphobia of the tucutes, and being a girl means I’m not an evil man.

    So, y’know. That’s kind of nice.

    Which also shows what bigots they are.


  7. It occurs to me frequently that, had I grown up in modern-day America instead of 1970s Britain, I would have been diagnosed with a long list of things so, so quickly.  Some of those would have been right.  Some of them wildly wrong.

    Instead I got told by a psychiatrist at the age of 38 that I was Asperger’s, which doesn’t seem to be the typical way of getting the news.  Though my partner had been suspecting this for quite some time.  She’s American, thus more awareness of these things.  Brits don’t believe in mental illness, historically / stereotypically, and too much of that rubbed off on me.

    I don’t want to make it sound like I blame my parents in any way, shape or form, by the way.  They did great by me.  They treated their very odd eldest son as a wonderful one to have, my oddness to be mostly celebrated.  They believed very strongly in few rules and little punishment, and in treating us as much like adults as they could.  Very rarely were “because I said so!” uttered in my presence.  They let me take apart things they knew I’d ruin, because they welcomed my insatiable curiosity about everything.  They let me talk endlessly about my obsessions without ever making me feel like I should shut up.


  8. Japanese curry is atrocious.


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  9. youneedacat:

    Who the fuck is this guy, and what’s his motive? That’s what I can’t figure out after looking through his blog a bit.

    His motive is supposedly to help all the poor abused autistic people who have been hurt by…

    Does he claim to be autistic or no? I’m confused, and don’t want to give him money to find out.

  10. postracialcomments:



    Every black child in grade school is taught Adolph Hitler killed six million Jews and is the worst human being that ever lived. On the other hand our children are taught “The Right Honorable” Cecil Rhodes the founder of the De Beer diamond company in South Africa who killed ten times that number of Africans is a hero and a statesman and if they study hard and do well in school they may be eligible to win Rhodes Scholarships the oldest and most celebrated international fellowship awards in the world. They don’t mention the scholarships are paid for with the blood of their ancestors.

    -Rodney Jackson

    Holy shit I never knew that about the Rhodes Scholarship

    take note

    I’ve seen this posted around by a bunch of people and I question its numbers.  Seriously question.

    There’s no doubt that colonialism killed a lot of people.  I can certainly believe that it killed as a proportion of the population as many as the Nazis did.  Worse in some places, like the Belgian Congo.

    The parts of Africa under Rhodes’ influence were what are now South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia.  The present-day population of South Africa is 52 million; for Zimbabwe and Zambia, 12 million each.  So to kill 60 million people, that’d be the equivalent of the overwhelming majority of the present-day countries.

    But the present-day countries have way higher populations than they did during Rhodes’ heyday, of about 1875-1900.  In 1904, South Africa had a population of 5 million, and the areas of Zimbabwe and Zambia at most about 2 million each.  There’s absolutely no way that there were 60 million people there before who were killed.  There was simply not the infrastructure for that level of population.  

    The main wars Rhodes could be said to be responsible for were the Matabele Wars, which are estimated to have killed about 60,000 Africans.  

    Putting everything together, I find it unlikely that during his lifetime organizations he was a part of killed more than a million.

    Not a nice man, and responsible for some horrible things, but nowhere near Hitler.  60 million deaths would be pretty close to the entire death toll of the Second World War, and would exceed those of Hitler and Stalin put together, or Mao’s China.  It is four times the death toll of the First World War.

    60 million killed would probably exceed the entire unnatural death toll of the entire nineteenth century.  There’s just no way that Rhodes could have killed that many even if he had worked at nothing else for his entire life.

    It exceeds the entire population of the United States at the time.

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